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We help our clients to  act effectively and efficiently

Who we are

Who we are

Center for Behavioral Decisions (CBD) is a limited liability company based in Yerevan, Armenia, and Prague, Czech Republic. The company was established in 2018. The center's objective is to synergize behavioral science methodology and technology to solve challenging public and private sector issues. CBD learns, designs, develops, and implements solutions and provides field consultancy to public and private organizations on behavioral, digital, marketing & customer insights, people & organization, and social impact areas.

The center serves all industries of all sizes that need behavioral science-based solutions and consulting in any of mentioned topics. However, our primary focus is on startups at all levels and public and non-government organizations that aim to design and implement social projects.

Who we are

Our choices are not always rational; however, they are predictable almost always.

Aram Ghazaryan


Aram Ghazaryan is the Founder and CEO of the Center for Behavioral Decisions research and consulting unit. He has an academic background in math and economics and a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Turin, Italy. In addition, Aram has comprehensive research and entrepreneurial experience.

The Center for Behavioral Decisions, we call "the Nudge Center," is a connector between theory and practice, academy and business, and virtuality and reality. Here we study people's behavior in everyday life under particular circumstances that affect their small and big decisions. We help our clients to make practical long-term decisions and create more desirable services and products for their customers. We aim to fill the gap between customers and businesses, governments and societies, and make those interactions more prosperous and smooth.

I believe that the combination of behavioral science and technology is the most powerful mechanism to provide effective human-centric solutions.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help our clients design and prototype their bold ideas, diagnose and solve their challenging problems, and implement new solutions in an efficiently effective manner.

Our Values

Hard work and dedication.

Prioritize honesty, respect, fairness, development, and well-being.

Nudge for good–make the world a better place to live.

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