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Behavioral Insights


Understanding customer behavior is crucial for the success of any organization. It informs the design of products, services, and marketing strategies, ultimately affecting the bottom line. Behavioral science provides a framework for understanding the various factors that influence customer behavior - from cognitive biases to social influences. At the Center for Behavioral Decisions (CBD), we use behavioral science methodology to uncover insights about customer behavior that can inform the design of your products, services, or marketing strategies. We help organizations make better decisions, design more effective interventions, and ultimately improve outcomes.

Our Process

Our process involves four key steps:

1. Understand: We start by gaining a deep understanding of your organization, your customers, and the key challenges you face. This involves collecting and analyzing data, conducting interviews, and reviewing existing literature.


2. Design: Using the insights gained from the understanding phase, we design interventions or strategies that are most likely to influence customer behavior in the desired way. This might involve tweaking the design of a product, changing the way a service is delivered, or developing a new marketing campaign.


3. Test: Before rolling out any intervention on a large scale, we conduct small-scale tests to assess its effectiveness. This might involve running a pilot study, conducting an A/B test, or using other experimental methods.


4. Implement: Once we have evidence that the intervention is effective, we help you implement it across your organization. We also help you monitor its effectiveness over time and make any necessary adjustments.

Key Benefits of Our Service

Informed Decision-Making

Improved Outcomes


Competitive Advantage

Contact us to learn how our behavioral science-based solutions can help you to boost your business.

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