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Aram Ghazaryan


Behavioral Economics

Dr. Aram Ghazaryan, a visionary entrepreneur and researcher with a strong commitment to advancing the understanding and application of behavioral economics and data science. As the founder and CEO of two innovative startups, Dr. Ghazaryan is at the forefront of creating solutions that drive positive change by leveraging insights from behavioral science.

Dr. Ghazaryan leads the Center for Behavioral Decisions, a research consulting firm that provides organizations with insights into the behavior of customers, employees, and stakeholders. By applying behavioral economics principles, the firm helps clients develop strategies to effectively influence and guide behavior.

Holding a PhD in Economics from the University of Turin, Italy, Dr. Ghazaryan has an impressive academic background in behavioral economics. He has taught and conducted research at various academic institutions, contributing to the growing body of knowledge in the field.

Aram Ghazaryan
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