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Regional Sales Executive

Role Overview


We are actively seeking passionate and experienced Regional Sales Executives to drive our innovative behavioral science services. If you are proficient in utilizing tools such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator for leads generation and adept at managing a vibrant sales pipeline, this is the role for you! Join our dynamic team and play a pivotal part in introducing and expanding our unparalleled services to new potential clients within your region. This position is perfectly suited for individuals who thrive in a results-driven environment, excel at fostering authentic relationships, and embody a strategic, entrepreneurial mindset integrated with cutting-edge sales tools and techniques.


Key Responsibilities


  • Utilize LinkedIn Sales Navigator to identify, approach, and cultivate relationships with potential new clients within your specific region, ensuring a constant influx of leads into the sales pipeline.

  • Recognize and decipher client needs, leveraging insights to effectively showcase how our services can cater to their specific requirements.

  • Skillfully navigate sales conversations, utilizing various tools and strategies to compellingly present the Center’s offerings and finalize contracts.

  • Maintain and manage a robust sales pipeline, ensuring that leads are continuously nurtured and progressed towards closure.

  • Stay abreast of local industry trends and client feedback, adapting strategies to align with evolving market needs and opportunities.

  • Collaborate closely with our global team, utilizing real-time insights to ensure client satisfaction and optimum service delivery.

  • Proactively represent the firm at regional industry events, webinars, and conferences to enhance our visibility, foster meaningful connections, and expand your professional network.




  • Demonstrable sales experience, ideally in consulting or similar sectors, with a proven track record of effectively utilizing tools such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator for leads generation and sales pipeline management.

  • Proficiency in the regional language, alongside a strong command of English.

  • A solid background or profound interest in behavioral science.

  • Exceptional communication, negotiation, and people skills, with the ability to build and nurture relationships that drive sales success.

  • Capability to independently manage, set priorities, and thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic environment.

  • Previous experience with CRM software and familiarity with key sales metrics and analytics to inform strategy and decision-making.


What We Offer


  • A commission-only compensation structure that genuinely acknowledges and rewards your commitment and achievements.

  • The chance to operate in a burgeoning sector where business meets behavioral research.

  • Comprehensive support, training, and interaction with a dedicated team.

  • Flexibility concerning working hours and location.

  • An exceptional opportunity to play a pivotal role in proliferating the advantages of behavioral science within your region.

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