We apply cutting-edge behavioral science techniques to resolve your problems.

Frequently economic agents make decisions based on their intuition, heuristic technique, and emotions instead of rational calculations. These generate many difficulties for policymakers and business management to adopt adequate policy interventions and marketing strategies. To this end, CBD applies multidisciplinary methodology and techniques that enable the clients to analyze, interpret, and influence the targeted audience's decision process.

We provide services to help our clients find effective and efficient solutions for their most challenging problems!


CBD Consulting applies an interdisciplinary methodology concentrated on behavioral economics to design, test, and implement behavioral interventions to resolve business and policy challenges.

Research & Development

CBD R&D utilizes cutting-edge interdisciplinary behavioral-scientific methods to understand and analyze human beings' decision-making processes and formulates practical behavior change techniques and tools.

Behavioral Education

CBD Academy provides synchronized theoretical and practical training and courses on Behavioral Economics, Behavioral Marketing, and Behavioral Finance.

Our methodology

Developing [behavioral]


Testing the interventions