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Workshops & Seminars


We provide workshops and seminars on Behavioral science, business development, and economics. Behavioral science workshops are designed to provide participants with an understanding of the psychological principles that underlie human behavior. During these workshops, participants explore topics such as cognitive psychology, social psychology, behavioral economics, and decision-making.
Our business development course provides all the necessary knowledge about launching a startup. In addition, economics-related seminars cover fundamental economics and finance topics that will help everyone to make better decisions.

Our Courses

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Behavioral Economics: From Practice to Theory and Back


2 hrs

This course is designed to help you to understand the fundamentals of behavioral economics and how and where to use it.

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Coming Soon

Business Development For Startups


2 days

This workshop is a guideline for everyone who want to start a business.

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Coming Soon

Key Elements of Economics and Personal Finance


1 day

Learn fundamental concepts in economics and finance and understand how to make profitable long-term decisions.

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