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Changing Behaviors for Good

The Center for Behavioral Decisions is a cutting-edge consulting firm that integrates behavioral science and technology to solve complex issues in the public and private sectors. Established in 2018 and operating from Yerevan, Armenia, and Prague, Czech Republic, CBD is dedicated to guiding organizations in making informed, long-term beneficial decisions through innovative strategies and solutions.

Center for Behavioral Decisions

Who we are

At the Center for Behavioral Decisions, we are a diverse team of interdisciplinary experts united by a passion for integrating behavioral science with real-world applications. Our expertise spans across behavioral dynamics, digital transformation, marketing insights, organizational management, and social impact initiatives. We work with a wide array of clients, including startups, private and public organizations, NGOs, and almost all industries, providing tailored strategies and innovative solutions. Our focus is on empowering these entities to navigate complex challenges and achieve impactful outcomes, fostering positive, long-term change through scientifically grounded approaches.

What we do

At the Center for Behavioral Decisions, we apply the principles of behavioral science to a broad spectrum of challenges in today's complex world. Our work spans consulting, research and development (R&D), and education, adapting and evolving to meet the diverse needs of our clients and communities. We focus on creating strategies and solutions that are not only innovative but also grounded in scientific research, ensuring they are effective and impactful.

Center for Behavioral Decisions


Our consulting arm provides tailored advice and solutions across various domains, including behavioral insights, digital innovation, and strategic marketing. We work with a wide range of clients, from nimble startups to established private and public organizations across diverse industries, helping them understand and leverage the nuances of human behavior in their operations.

R & D

In R&D, we explore cutting-edge behavioral science methodologies and technologies. This subdivision is vital for advancing our understanding and creating innovative tools and strategies. We constantly push the boundaries of knowledge to ensure that our clients benefit from the latest scientific developments.


Our Academy is the educational pillar, offering courses and workshops that disseminate knowledge in behavioral science. This subdivision is instrumental in nurturing a deeper understanding and application of behavioral science principles among professionals and enthusiasts alike.


Unlock the power of behavioral science to tackle your toughest challenges! Reach out to us now and discover innovative solutions tailored just for you.

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