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Blending Behavioral Science and Cutting-Edge Technology to Shape Innovative Solutions for Individuals and Organizations.

Center for Behavioral Decisions

At the Center for Behavioral Decisions, we merge the art of behavioral science with the power of technology, creating groundbreaking tools for smarter choices. Discover our Adaptive Behavioral Interventions (ABI), a unique blend of insights and innovation, enhancing outcomes in HealthTech, EdTech, FinTech, Design, and SaaS. Join us at the forefront of behavioral and technological revolution, where every decision leads to success and well-being.

At the Forefront of Behavioral Science and Technological Innovation

At the Center for Behavioral Decisions (CBD), our Research & Development division is passionately dedicated to the intersection of behavioral science and the latest in technological advancements. Our goal is to develop groundbreaking mechanisms that enhance decision-making processes for individuals and organizations. By delving into the intricacies of human behavior and merging these insights with cutting-edge tech, we create tools and strategies that lead to smarter, more effective choices, improving well-being and driving success in an array of fields.

Center for Behavioral Decisions
Center for Behavioral Decisions

Our Industry Focus

  • HealthTech: "Revolutionizing Healthcare Decision-Making - We assist HealthTech companies in leveraging behavioral science to create products that promote healthier choices and patient engagement."

  • EdTech: "Enhancing Educational Experiences - Our work with EdTech firms focuses on integrating behavioral insights to foster effective learning environments and improve educational outcomes."

  • FinTech: "Transforming Financial Behaviors - We collaborate with FinTech enterprises to design tools that encourage smarter financial decisions and habits among users."

  • Design Industry: "Innovating Through Design - By incorporating behavioral science principles, we help design firms create more intuitive and user-centric products."

  • Software as a Service (SaaS): "Optimizing User Experience in SaaS - Our R&D extends to SaaS platforms, where we apply behavioral insights to enhance usability, customer retention, and overall service value."

Adaptive Behavioral Interventions (ABI)

A mechanism developed by the Center for Behavioral Decisions R&D, Adaptive Behavioral Interventions (ABI) is specifically designed to enhance the effectiveness of behavioral interventions in influencing human decision-making processes. ABI excels as a rapid-response system, efficiently identifying and implementing effective behavioral interventions within a short time frame. A key feature of ABI is its capacity to subtly guide decision-making while fully respecting individual autonomy, thereby ensuring that the freedom of choice remains unimpeded.


Developed through rigorous research and innovative practices at the Center for Behavioral Decisions R&D, ABI is tailored to seamlessly blend into various contexts. It exhibits remarkable versatility, being adjustable to suit both digital and non-digital frameworks. This adaptability ensures that ABI's application is broad and impactful, reaching individuals in diverse environments.


In our commitment to improving decision-making processes, we have integrated ABI into several of our key services. This integration not only demonstrates the practical effectiveness of ABI but also underlines our dedication to utilizing advanced mechanisms for the betterment of societal decision-making. Through ABI, we strive to empower individuals and communities, guiding them towards more informed and beneficial choices.

CBD's R&D team is deeply involved with pioneering industries at the forefront of innovation, applying our expertise in Adaptive Behavioral Interventions (ABI) to enhance product and service development. Our contributions go beyond mere development; we focus on ensuring that these innovations are intricately aligned with the complex needs and behaviors of end-users. By integrating the sophisticated approach of ABI, our interdisciplinary team bridges the insights of behavioral science with the broad capabilities of modern technology. This unique combination empowers us to offer tailored, evidence-based solutions across a variety of sectors.

Center for Behavioral Decisions

Contact us to see how ABI can tailor effective behavioral strategies to meet your business needs.

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