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Center for Behavioral Decisions

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Applying game design elements to digital contexts to encourage engagement and desired behaviors.


Designing the ways in which choices are presented to encourage better decision-making.

Choice Architecture

Crafting messages based on behavioral principles to enhance persuasion and brand harmony.

Persuasive Messaging

Uncovering the behavioral factors that influence how customers make decisions.

Consumer  Analysis

Center for Behavioral Decisions

The Center for Behavioral Decisions merges behavioral science and technology to resolve complex challenges across sectors. We offer innovative, research-driven strategies, aiding diverse clients in achieving sustainable success.

Center for Behavioral Decisions
Nudge Group

Join the Nudge Group on LinkedIn and tap into the dynamic world of Behavioral Economics! Our community boasts over 8,000 enthusiasts keen on pioneering behavioral interventions. Dive into exclusive, thought-provoking content, stay ahead with the latest trends, and exchange ideas with experts. Elevate your knowledge, drive impactful change, and connect with a vibrant network of professionals. Don't miss out – your invitation to make a real difference is here.

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Economics Olympiad 2024

Be part of shaping the future of economic understanding at the 2024 Economics Olympiad in Armenia—a journey from local talent to global recognition. With inclusivity at its heart, the EO is free for all educational organizations with students in grades 10-12.

Economics Olympiad

Unlock the power of behavioral science to tackle your toughest challenges! Reach out to us now and discover innovative solutions tailored just for you.

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