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Behavioral science-based consulting is a specialized form of consulting that applies the principles of psychology, economics, sociology, and other behavioral sciences to help organizations and individuals to better understand, anticipate, and influence behavior. It focuses on improving productivity, morale, and decision-making, as well as understanding how people interact with each other and their environment. Behavioral science-based consulting utilizes various tools such as surveys, interviews, focus groups, and field observations to uncover the underlying motivations, mental models, and attitudes that lead to certain behaviors.

Based on these elements, the Center for Behavioral Decisosns develops strategies to help organizations and individuals make better decisions, increase engagement, and create a more positive workplace culture. Additionally, the center provides guidance on how to better measure and evaluate the effects of organizational and individual behavior. With the right approach, behavioral science-based consulting can provide organizations and individuals with a better understanding of their environment and ultimately lead to more effective decision-making and improved outcomes.

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Behavioral science-based services

Behavior Change

Behavior change is a process that involves making a conscious effort to modify behaviors in order to improve one's life. It is important to recognize that behavior change is a gradual process that takes time and requires dedication. A successful behavior change plan typically includes setting realistic goals, breaking down those goals into smaller steps, and making a plan to track progress.

We apply up-to-date behavioral science-based methodology to help our clients to study, design, and develop behavior change techniques.

Behavioral Marketing

Behavioral marketing is a strategy used by businesses to target customers based on their activities and preferences. It uses data gathered from customer behavior to create customized offers, discounts, and other marketing materials. This type of marketing often involves tracking the customer's online activity, such as website visits, purchasing activity, and even social media activity. The data gathered can be used to create personalized messages, create segmented marketing campaigns, and offer tailored discounts. Behavioral marketing is a powerful tool for businesses because it helps build relationships with customers and encourages loyalty. It also helps to increase sales and improve customer experience.

By understanding customer behavior, your business can create more relevant marketing campaigns and increase the chance of success.

Behavioral Design

Behavioral design is a unique way to influence customer behavior through the use of psychology, technology, and data. By understanding customer behavior and designing experiences that meet their needs, your company can create a positive customer experience and increase customer loyalty. Behavioral design can include designing user interfaces, designing customer journeys, or creating personalized experiences. We conduct studies to understand customer needs and motivations, as well as tools such as A/B testing to measure and track customer behavior. By leveraging data, we create experiences that engage users and drive user action. Behavioral design can help you make better user experiences and increase customer engagement, loyalty, and retention.

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Learn How Behavioral Economics Can Improve Marketing

Richard Thaler’s 2017 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences is a nudge for marketers to learn about behavioral economics.

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How Digital Design Drives User Behavior

A review of recent research provides clear evidence that many organizations are currently undervaluing the power of digital design and should invest more in behaviorally informed designs to help people make better choices. 

Contact us to learn how our behavioral science-based solutions can help you to boost your business.

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