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At the Center for Behavioral Decisions, we are dedicated to understanding and influencing human behavior to create a positive impact on individuals and society. Our Behavioral Services encompass a wide range of offerings designed to drive desired behaviors, improve customer satisfaction, and encourage better decision-making.


Designing products that are more engaging, user-friendly, and that drive desired behaviors like increased usage, purchases, or loyalty.

Designing services that are easy to use, engaging, and that lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Using behavioral science to uncover insights about customer behavior that can inform the design of products, services, or marketing strategies.

Designing interventions that encourage desired behaviors, such as healthier eating, increased physical activity, or greater energy conservation.

Designing the ways in which choices are presented to encourage better decision-making.

Red Chili Pods

Learn How Behavioral Economics Can Improve Marketing

Richard Thaler’s 2017 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences is a nudge for marketers to learn about behavioral economics.

Toy Brain

How Digital Design Drives User Behavior

A review of recent research provides clear evidence that many organizations are currently undervaluing the power of digital design and should invest more in behaviorally informed designs to help people make better choices. 

Contact us to learn how our behavioral science-based solutions can help you to boost your business.

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